Assuming things…

I may assume a lot in life.  And that’s one of my immutable rights as a member of this species.  However, the assumptions I make are backed with at least a minimum of education and logic.  Furthermore, I almost always state that I’m guessing at the end quality of something.

If one makes assumptions based on assumptions based on hear-say based on idiocy, that person is a blathering idiot who should be shut up as quickly as possible.  If not for my sanity, for theirs, so as when they learn that they truly are an idiot, they don’t immediately turn around and realize their life is full of seemingly self-loathing stupidity sharing.  A woman posted on Twitter that Syrian refugees helped a German politician out of an auto accident.  Slandered the Politician by calling him a Neo-Nazi (or maybe he identifies as that, and it wouldn’t be slander?)  But then called it irony.  I made a statement to, and asking her what kind of person she is for assuming that the Syrian refugees aren’t Christian.  There’s two major religions in Syria – Islam and Christianity.  I’m fairly certain the Jewish base in Syria is minuscule, if existent at all.  *This is where I’m taking an educated guess* She responds and says that she didn’t mention religion at all.  Excuse me?  Syrian refugees, Neo-Nazi politician and irony.  If the irony isn’t regarding religion, then why the need to identify the politican as neo-nazi? What bring up the word “irony” at all?  Because deep down This woman is bigoted. Because she assumes without a doubt in my brain, that those refugees are Islamic.  Here, let me explain a bit more clearly:

She shares a tweet, with the comment “the irony”  The tweet she (again, assuming this person is female, forgive me if I’m wrong, the name is usually female and the picture associated with the account is a feminine face and long hair) shared is “Neo-Nazi German politician rescued from car crash by Syrian refugees

I just can’t put into words how fucking stupid I feel this woman is.  I know I may be assuming more here than I should.  Maybe she’s really just that naive that she thinks that everyone should be able to tell a person’s political or religious views based on a mangled wreck of a vehicle around them.  How the hell is this at all ironic if religion has no baring on the discussion what so ever?  Hooray!  Refugees that aren’t completely useless.  Well, that seems a bit rude.  YAY! Syrians who helped a Neo-Nazi politician.  Again, kind of rude, and a bit twisted.  Still not ironic.  How about this: The irony!  Islamic refugees help abhorrent politician out of life threatening situation.  That’s what her retweet is saying to me.

Now, I may be pissed off, and I may be offensive to a large majority of this planet.  But one thing I am not is a nazi supporter or endorser.  Another thing I’m not, is someone who judges solely on someone’s visible characteristics that aren’t there by choice.  This means I don’t assume someone is good because they’re Christian, or bad because they’re Muslim, or money grubbing because they’re Jewish (likewise, I don’t assume the money-hungry people I meet are Jewish)  I don’t assume tattooed black men are going to rob me, nor that 300lb biker with 3′ beard is an animal.  I don’t hold it against someone that their parents are idiots.  What I do judge a person on (and fuck you if you think I shouldn’t be judging people at all) is how they act, what they disseminate and the effort they put into making life better for themselves and those around them.

The same thing can be said about anyone who brings the color of their skin into conversations about equality.  You know what?  If you’re not mature enough to associate equality with what really matters – like work ethic, morals, ability to perform, production statistics, education and seniority – then you shouldn’t be making more than anyone.  You shouldn’t be allowed to play with the adults.  You shouldn’t be allowed to discuss policy or politics.  Why? Because you’re not capable of identifying failure points or negotiating end results that are best for all involved.

So until people stop saying how fucking ironic it is that one person saved the life of another person, You (the reader) can very well assume I will continue to be pissed off.

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