Coffee Drinking Open Carry, and this is what happened:

This image was posted on Facebook:
The question here, “Would you feel comfortable with this sitting 10 feet away from your children?” was responded by one user with “If he was a cop… I would”  This is my response to that answer:
There are cops less honorable and trust worthy than citizens who have taken the time to go through the training, expense and bureaucracy to attain the right to carry their firearm in public. If a person has their firearm in open carry, you can bet he has been through that training.
A lot of ex-military men go through this, and yet they are also not law enforcement, do you not trust these men and women, who have put their lives on the line to allow you to have the freedoms to be judgemental about this subject? Or are there exceptions to “if he is a cop…”
The point is, you don’t know. He could be a serial killing, pedophilic arsonist, but if he has a County Sheriff’s shirt on – you’re going to feel OK with him wearing that sidearm openly? What if he’s an undercover military police, who’s wearing scummy clothing and just happens to have his sidearm “on display” after a bust? You’re probably one of those people who would freak out and make a scene while saying “Ok, let’s not make a scene, let’s just go” to who ever you’re with.
Why do I feel comfortable with this man wearing his firearm on his belt, even if I was sitting next to him? Because if he’s got the balls to sit in a public place with his firearm and he’s not causing trouble – he’s the man I want standing next to me if someone comes in causing trouble. I would rather put my bread in that basket and take the slight chance there’s a hole in the bottom, than to feed it to the sharks.
If you’re going to judge someone so shallowly, perhaps you should go even more shallow and judge completely on the most obvious of things. He is sitting there peacefully. He has clean, nicely kept clothing on. He is wearing his firearm openly, not trying to hide it. (And in states where a concealed carry license is issued, even this isn’t an issue for me, if he were hiding it poorly). Of course, we don’t know what this man did directly after this photo was taken. Maybe he pulled that firearm and discharged a round or three into the photographer’s head. I don’t know, but we’re not guessing, now are we? We’re doing a practice in complete an utter observation of nothing but the most obvious with the data we have.
So instead of relying strictly on the cops having weapons, which, btw, is exactly what happened in Nazi Germany, how about you focus more on the citizens who should be carrying. Not all men are evil, and man is, at heart good. Your judgemental attitude, however, is what gets people into bad situations.

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