Some words from a Patriot…

So, this is a video of my brother, who is rather vocal about politics.
I’ve learned much from him.  And maybe you can to.

There is no threats, no racism, no ambiguous hatred – just pure, raw freedom of speech not intended to antagonize or slander anyone. Except maybe libel towards Mr Obama, but, that’s our right.  In Egypt recently, 5 people were arrested for making a video that was mocking their president.  This is the United States of America, where that kind of Fascism isn’t acceptable.  In the United States, if you don’t like what someone’s saying, you walk away – or you non-violently disagree with them.  THAT is what makes us better than most of the rest of the world.  And it’s a damned shame we’re traveling down a road where even that freedom will be reigned in and the slightest twitch of an eye lid will be warrant enough to arrest the speaker.

Dennis is being rather salty with his vocabulary, so if you’re at work or have youngens around, you may want to watch it later.