Lesser of two evils

I know several people who will be voting for alternatives, rather than for Democrat or Republican. That’s OK. But honestly, This is still a two party system, and I’ll be damned if I allow my vote to allow that cunt be our first female President. There’s plenty of women I would be OK with as our first female President. Even some I would vote for. There’s too many libtard cock-strong democrats to use this election cycle to make a point about not liking either candidate.

Perhaps if enough people had chosen not to vote for the third guy and instead would have voted for McCain in 08 or Romney in ’12 – we wouldn’t have Obama ruining this nation. I know Trump seems like a horrible candidate – and he is. But he’s also the better of the two, and realistically there is only two candidates. So voting for the third guy may be a great way to boycott the elections without saying you didn’t vote. But where will that honestly lead us? To a large portion of the nation saying “Don’t blame me, I voted for the third guy!”

What are the negatives of Trump?
He’s going to ruin a large portion of foreign diplomacy. Ok, who cares? I would rather have allies on the edge who are worth being friendly to than allies who are going to infiltrate our country and rot us out from the inside.

He’s going to build a wall. Ok, well, here’s something you probably don’t know – the fucking thing was approved long ago. he’s only going to ensure there is funding for it. Don’t hate him for something that has already been approved.

He’s going to cause racial tensions in this country to rise. This is another one I hear a lot of. Maybe this is so – but only because of the BLM [redacted] who demand to be gods, and the cockroaches that swam across the river illegally will make a lot of noise. Those socially respectable black Americans and legal immigrants are voting for Trump. Hell, even a large portion of educated and affluent Latinos.

He’s going to set women’s suffrage back. Maybe so – but honestly, that’s a whole group of people who have gone and done too damned much. Equality? Bullshit. Those whores don’t want equality, they want to be superior. Most educated, respectable, working women who have more than a gram of brain cells know better than to think this is true. You should too.

You know what, I could go on about this – but every fucking thing he can possibly do wrong, has already been getting done wrong. Furthermore, anything he breaks, we’ll be able to fix in 8 years when his successor takes office.

The thing is, Trump will fix our economy. Maybe not right away, but he’s going to get shit done.

“we need more jobs” – no, we need less illegals taking our jobs. We need to be able to say “Oh, you’re not allowed to work in the US? Let me give a call to Immigration, to get things straightened out”
“we need more equality” – no, you need equality. Being superior is not equality. If you want true equality, you’ll shut up and take responsibility for yourself, your actions and you life and stop blaming the rest of the country for your miserable conditions. This applies to racial, religious and gender groups. Oh, and to economic groups as well.

How about increasing the value of the dollar, not increasing the dollar given per hour of shit work. McDonalds has it right – they’re moving away from human employees all together. The technology is there where a single McDonalds “manager” can maintain and operate a store single handed. From automated fryers and grills to automated cashiers. Why? Because it’s more profitable to retrofit even the oldest of stores than to pay a ridiculously high minimum wage. Even WalMart could automate a large portion of their stores. Cut the floor staff in half.

Yeah, I have two McDonalds, two Burger Kings, a Wendy’s an Arby’s, a Taco Bell, all within 5-15 minute drive from my house – Every one of them, other than the Taco Bell is staffed with arrogant asswipes that feel like they’re not getting paid enough to deal with my order. And honestly, the kids at Taco Bell probably feel the same way – but they’re too damned high and thus paranoid to show it. They still screw up my orders, but at least they’re nice and courteous.

Is this the direction we want this country go? Where employees get accolades because they’re too high and paranoid to screw up? Where a female high school senior makes $12 an hour because minimum wage is $10 and oh, because they’re female, lesbian and transsexual, they are awarded an extra $2/hr for their inequality in life?

I can’t honestly stand the state of this nation. WE THE PEOPLE have allowed this person in the Oval Office to completely destroy who we were. And now, because some of these people are growing conscience regarding not voting for the two party candidates out of some kind of self inflated sense of patriotism that will inevitably lead to the complete and utter destruction of our nation on a society level – it seems like an endless cycle of autosadomasochism. We are now at the point of eating ourselves alive, regurgitating the chewed up flesh of what was once these Great United States just in order to get the taste of garbage out of our mouths.

I won’t tell anyone how to vote. But damn it don’t you fucking dare say “oh, don’t blame me!” or “It’s not my fault!” when this country goes completely to hell because You allowed your votes to become inconsequential by throwing them away on someone who no one has ever heard of, and has no chance of gaining any kind of lead in any polls other than against all the third party candidates. If Clinton wins this election, I hope you have enough shame to not say a single word about what happens.

Am I pissed off? Damn straight I am. We have a chance here to fix this country, to fix our economics, our politics and on many levels, our society – and a good majority of this nation is saying they’re not going to vote for Trump. The way I see it – if you’re not voting for Trump, you’re allowing Clinton to win. And if you’re allowing Clinton to win, you can bet I’m not going to be pleased.

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