What the Future Brings…

I don’t even know where to begin, other than with: Trump!

I know a lot of you reading this don’t like Trump, didn’t vote Trump and want to hate on Trump – but really, there’s no reason to. You are in as much control of your life as you have always been, and will continue to be. There’s no reason to fear the coming transfiguration of America in many aspects. These will all be for the better, or at the least be reconciled when Trump leaves office in 8 years. We will raise above the oppressions of minority groups beating down the average American. We will regain a semblance of civility in our schools, workplaces and streets. The society of America is about to bloom and set forth something great that will last for generations! Is Trump going to do all of this? No! The American People are! Trump is a totem for all Americans to get behind and scream for the common beliefs we all want and need. He is our guiding light in times of trouble – not just for those who follow, but for ALL Americans!
Trump may be President, but socially, he is much more. Like him, hate him, he is still the figure head to rile up ourselves to push for the better tomorrow for us All.
We would never get this without violence with Hillary Clinton. The American People would most definitely speak, however the noise would be echoed through the streets by rifle barrels, not bullhorns.
Trump is the person we need right now. He, for everything standing for him, and for which he stands, may not be the most savory, or the most wanted – but it is just the right amount to push everyone to wanting something better in life for all of us. We will have many working with him to fix this country in ways the politicians and big industry never wanted. We will have working outside of his White House, those who want social, economic and political reforms for the better.
It is this time that we will stare deep into our souls and ask what we really want, and hopefully to ask what is best for our Nation. Trump is going to be our leader, but it is us, the American People, who will stand up, rise above the negativity, the hate, and Shine Bright and show the world WE WILL BE THE BEST DAMNED NATION ON THIS PLANET ONCE AGAIN!

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