The Second Amendment, NRA and You!

So, the left is all mad because the NRA supports our Constitutionally Guaranteed Right to keep and bear arms. Now they’re mad because a device intended for disabled peoples to more easily is being recommended for regulations by the NRA and GOP? That makes perfect sense.
But honestly, the article is riddled with emotion, bias and slander. It reads more like a deranged lunatic’s diatribe about how they can’t come to understand that they’re right and everyone else can be too.
The NRA, first off is a group of people and not a singular entity, and second not capable of independent thought; as in “The NRA thinks you’re stupid” The people in charge of the NRA are quite sane and rational, compared to many out there, and see a problem. They are trying to work with the government to best solve this issue without anyone’s rights being infringed.
So let’s clear up something. There’s no such thing as an assault rifle. However, any weapon can be used for assault. Even an artist’s paintbrush can be quickly and easily fashioned into a dart short from a crossbow to injure someone. Rocks are used as weapons all over the world. This is truth, not conjecture or emotion.
As it stands right now, the average American cannot legally posses a fully automatic firing firearm. This has been the law for many years. Those firearms which are semi-automatic, and the various single-shot firearms are still legal. Bump-stocks have skirted this law by providing an external means of accelerated discharge to semi-automatic firearms. You can read more here:
Now, the Second Amendment to The Constitution of The United States of America reads:
“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
This tells me several things:
As a method of ensuring The Constitution of The United States of America is upheld, the people are guaranteed:
The creation and proper maintenance (well regulated) of a Militia.
The right of the people to keep and bear arms.
That neither of these shall be infringed upon (by the Federal Government)
Why is Federal Government in parenthesis? Because this document had been written and given it’s mission to protect the American Citizen from The American Government. The Second Amendment is the article which allows those Citizens a last recourse against a Federal Government that is no longer keeping the value of this document of that of The American People in good light, for The American People to be able to correct that situation by force if ever needed.
Now, one might ask “For whom would this fight and force be against?” The US Military for one. Mis-guided federal, state and local law enforcement. Private security hired by The President of The United States of America. Many other unknown groups and factions within, and with-out our borders as well.
Are we, The American People supposed to be able to fend off those aggressors of Liberty, Freedom and Justice with .22 single-shot rifles and shotguns with bird-shot when they will have machine guns, rapid fire weapons, large calibre firearms, tanks, choppers, rockets and the like? No. And THAT is what the NRA is protecting. They are not protecting some irrational, insane, psychotic, neurotic or otherwise under-educated criminal with a grudge against humanity with a device intended for the disabled.
As we all should know, criminals (you, the reader, do know what a criminal is, I hope) are quite adept at not following laws, policies, regulations, etc. Arms in the hands of law abiding American Citizens would make this country safer for all, but legislating that creates a situation where only criminals and elite groups have these privileges.
So please, before saying “The NRA thinks you’re stupid” – maybe do some real research on the subject.