For which we all know

Thou haste through life, willfully impressing upon time thy own will amid suffrage of passage. Fleeting as sparrows in the wind, for which once was, now passes. Yet! Upon the horizon, cometh anew for all whom shall witness.

By remembrance and spirit, before us whom hath passed, share in our celebrations. This night shall end a chapter of life. Ferry on courageously with passion and sight. Rejoice amongst friend and neighbor, for upon thee is the birth of a day, a month, a year.

2019 has brought many losses to many of us. Fathers, Mothers, Brothers and Sisters, friends and family. Bring their spirit with you into the new year. Remember them, and their goodness. Live with them in your heart and thoughts every day. Live for them.

Do not loath their loss, for as long as you live, they live within you. Make them proud of the life you continue on. Remember too, those who your loved ones have left here, and embrace them warmly and lovingly.

The new year brings a new day. Make the most of that day, of the coming year. Every new day can be a new start – The day one starts living, dieting, working to improve themselves, their lives, their situation. The day we forgive those who have wronged us. The day we ask for forgiveness from those whom we have wronged.

Bring in 2020 with your goals, aspirations, and a renewed joy for life and those around you. Though, every day we can choose to set aside our differences, issues and bigotries, a new year brings acceptance of those changes and can symbolize not just the passage of time, the birth of a new year and death of an old one – but it can symbolize the birth of a new you, and the death of those things which should be left in the past.

I, for one, have already started working on the goals I wish to achieve for 2020, and have been for some time. New Years Resolutions are only useful if the time, effort and purpose is continually poured into and used for those goals. Be it to lose 5 pounds, or to start what will become a Fortune 500 company. Now is the time to start, and every day is Now, with tomorrow being a symbolic start, birth and renewal of a great many things.

Make the most of 2020. Live every day as though it is “THE Day!” Life is full of obstacles, rules, and goals – the biggest obstacle to any of our goals is ourselves. Break through that and become the greatest version of you that’s ever lived!

Be safe, and please have a Happy, productive and exciting 2020!

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