SARS-CoV2 (covid-19)

if masks work, why weren’t prisoners issued them instead of being released?
if masks are so important, why don’t the members of congress, fauci, and every other “ass” on TV not wear them at all times?
if masks are your savior, have you forgotten Jesus Christ?

I work from home. I have very limited interactions with people outside of my home. I have no social life which includes anyone outside of my home. The only good thing about this is that everyone else now also wants to stay away from me as much as I have always wanted them to stay away from me in public.

My wife works from home again, 2 weeks home, 1 week in office. She took a week vacation so she wouldn’t have to go into the office, because masks are now mandatory there. Her choice, not mine.

My mother-in-law and Cindy’s son both work out of the house. She don’t wear a mask at work, because she’s the only person there 90% of the time. He is forced to wear a “mask” – a spandex sleeve over his face. Neither one of them wear masks when they go out – bingo, dinner with friends, shopping, etc.

So when I say I don’t wear a mask – understand that I don’t go out in public by maybe 2 hours a week. And when I do, I stay away from other humans.

If anything, I’m the one at risk of being infected by other people not wearing a mask. Do I care? No. Why? Because first off, this thing has been blown way out of proportion – the tests have been proven to been tampered with, from false positives to inconclusive positives to untested positives; the medical coding has been tampered with, with hospitals having been proven to put people on ventilators for financial gain, others “playing it safe” and coding patients as having covid-19 when symptoms and test don’t prove it 100%. Morgues and hospitals assigning COD as covid-19 when the patient died of something other than covid-19, but they had it – and then those who never actually were tested for covid-19. Then there’s DeBlasio putting infected elderly in compounds with highly at-risk uninfected elderly. The numbers have been artificially inflated – both infected and cod. Hermain Cain, had stage 4 colon cancer… which apparently has absolutely nothing to do with how he died, because he had a positive covid-19 test (are we even sure the sample was stored properly, or tested properly, or that the results were reported properly?) The man was going to die anyways, because there’s very, very little chance of recovering from cancer of that severity at his age. He was literally more likely to win the state lotto than to recover from his cancer.

Is this virus real? Yes, it is. Is there things you can do to help prevent being infected – yes, there is. But forcing ME to be responsible for YOU is not one of the ways. If you’re that scared of catching the virus, then YOU need to take appropriate actions. Buy a proper biological hazard mask. Have it fit tested. Change the filters on it every day. Don’t go out in public with out it, don’t take it off for any reason until you get home and can sanitize it, your hands and the rest of your body and clothing.

Telling me I have to do a thing because YOU are scared, because YOUR opinion “matters”, because you think my existing alone is an offense to YOU… there’s a word for that: Fascism.

I don’t have to be near you. I don’t have to let you in my house. You have no right to force me to do anything.

Oh, and if masks and lockdowns worked – why are we still wearing masks and having lockdowns across this country? What happened to “14 days to flatten the curve”?

This virus is the new whip. Masks are the new chains. Fauci is your new savior. You are a slave to a narrative you refuse to understand. I refuse, because unlike you, I have done a lot of research, a lot of reading, and paying attention to how this virus has developed and evolved. There is a conspiracy here, one of control, of the population and the election. The virus is real, how it came to be, probably the lab in wuhan, that’s what everything I’ve read points to, the timeline, and when my friends in Asia started talking about in November. But just because it’s real does not mean it’s as dangerous as it has been played out to be by leftists and the media. The thing has been hijacked for political narratives – to control you.

And tell me, if you would, why is it that everything fauci is saying now directly contradicts everything he said in years before covid-19 regarding coronavirus? I’m no virologist, but I know enough to understand that one virus in a family does not show functions that are so adversely different from other viruses in the same family. Not on every single level of every single aspect. Covid-19 is either a coronavirus and has the majority of the same function as every other coronavirus – or it’s not a coronavirus. Why is that important? Because as far back as 2005 fauci, the CDC and WHO has stated masks do not work to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Do masks help prevent people from spitting on others and things while talking? Yes. That’s half of the point of why surgeons wear them – the other half so that they don’t get blood and fluid splatter in their mouth or nose while operating.

The virus can live in the air for days. This makes it truly airborne. Your mask, which is not sealed, which does not filter your breath, does not prevent the virus from living in the air around you. Yes, your mask can redirect your exhalations downward, upward, etc – but it is still dumping your “raw” breath into the atmosphere. Likewise, when inhaling, you are not breathing only through the fabric of your mask, you are getting air from around it.

Go watch some thermal image videos of airflow around the human body. Walking and breathing spreads your exhalations into the area around you by a large distance. That, coupled with the FACT that the virus lives IN THE AIR for DAYS means that all you’re doing when you’re walking through a room is stirring the air together with more air that is potentially contaminated. Combine that with fans, circulated air, etc and within minutes to just a couple of hours the virus, introduced by one person in a room can be spread to every breathable area of that room. Want to see this in action? Get a large clear container, pour water into it, add a drop of food coloring in on one side, from the opposite side, put a spoon in and move it slowly towards the coloring. You will see that the coloring will move throughout a larger area. Move the spoon back away. The coloring moves and expands more. The same thing happens, albeit at a slightly decreased rate, when bodies move through air.

Oh, and I forgot that a large portion of the virus is smaller in size than what even N95 rated filters can remove from the air. Even N95 biological filters can pass anywhere between 20% and 60% of the airborne virus organisms.

To sum this up:
Being infected coupled with the act of walking through a room, wearing a mask or not, will both introduce the virus to the atmosphere and spread the virus throughout the room, contaminating the entire room very quickly.

Not being infected, and walking through that same room, wearing a mask or not, exposes you to that contamination and can cause you to be infected.

If after everything I’ve said here, you still believe you have a right to tell me I have to wear a mask or die – you can go right here, because you are obviously too stupid or too brainwashed for me to ever wish to discuss anything with you.

Hopefully, however, you will have read everything I have said, it has opened your eyes enough for you to do some real research and not just take the word of some medical dictator who has been continually contradicting himself, other medical professionals, scientists and common sense. But you better do your research quickly, because Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and the rest of “big tech” are scrubbing this information off the internet as fast as they can find it, because it goes against their control and narratives. And if you tell me Johns Hopkins University is fake news – you really need to get your head out of your ass and consider that if JHU is fake news, why couldn’t Fauci’s vomitous spewings be?