Coffee Drinking Open Carry, and this is what happened:

This image was posted on Facebook:
The question here, “Would you feel comfortable with this sitting 10 feet away from your children?” was responded by one user with “If he was a cop… I would”  This is my response to that answer:
There are cops less honorable and trust worthy than citizens who have taken the time to go through the training, expense and bureaucracy to attain the right to carry their firearm in public. If a person has their firearm in open carry, you can bet he has been through that training.
A lot of ex-military men go through this, and yet they are also not law enforcement, do you not trust these men and women, who have put their lives on the line to allow you to have the freedoms to be judgemental about this subject? Or are there exceptions to “if he is a cop…”
The point is, you don’t know. He could be a serial killing, pedophilic arsonist, but if he has a County Sheriff’s shirt on – you’re going to feel OK with him wearing that sidearm openly? What if he’s an undercover military police, who’s wearing scummy clothing and just happens to have his sidearm “on display” after a bust? You’re probably one of those people who would freak out and make a scene while saying “Ok, let’s not make a scene, let’s just go” to who ever you’re with.
Why do I feel comfortable with this man wearing his firearm on his belt, even if I was sitting next to him? Because if he’s got the balls to sit in a public place with his firearm and he’s not causing trouble – he’s the man I want standing next to me if someone comes in causing trouble. I would rather put my bread in that basket and take the slight chance there’s a hole in the bottom, than to feed it to the sharks.
If you’re going to judge someone so shallowly, perhaps you should go even more shallow and judge completely on the most obvious of things. He is sitting there peacefully. He has clean, nicely kept clothing on. He is wearing his firearm openly, not trying to hide it. (And in states where a concealed carry license is issued, even this isn’t an issue for me, if he were hiding it poorly). Of course, we don’t know what this man did directly after this photo was taken. Maybe he pulled that firearm and discharged a round or three into the photographer’s head. I don’t know, but we’re not guessing, now are we? We’re doing a practice in complete an utter observation of nothing but the most obvious with the data we have.
So instead of relying strictly on the cops having weapons, which, btw, is exactly what happened in Nazi Germany, how about you focus more on the citizens who should be carrying. Not all men are evil, and man is, at heart good. Your judgemental attitude, however, is what gets people into bad situations.

Assuming things…

I may assume a lot in life.  And that’s one of my immutable rights as a member of this species.  However, the assumptions I make are backed with at least a minimum of education and logic.  Furthermore, I almost always state that I’m guessing at the end quality of something.

If one makes assumptions based on assumptions based on hear-say based on idiocy, that person is a blathering idiot who should be shut up as quickly as possible.  If not for my sanity, for theirs, so as when they learn that they truly are an idiot, they don’t immediately turn around and realize their life is full of seemingly self-loathing stupidity sharing.  A woman posted on Twitter that Syrian refugees helped a German politician out of an auto accident.  Slandered the Politician by calling him a Neo-Nazi (or maybe he identifies as that, and it wouldn’t be slander?)  But then called it irony.  I made a statement to, and asking her what kind of person she is for assuming that the Syrian refugees aren’t Christian.  There’s two major religions in Syria – Islam and Christianity.  I’m fairly certain the Jewish base in Syria is minuscule, if existent at all.  *This is where I’m taking an educated guess* She responds and says that she didn’t mention religion at all.  Excuse me?  Syrian refugees, Neo-Nazi politician and irony.  If the irony isn’t regarding religion, then why the need to identify the politican as neo-nazi? What bring up the word “irony” at all?  Because deep down This woman is bigoted. Because she assumes without a doubt in my brain, that those refugees are Islamic.  Here, let me explain a bit more clearly:

She shares a tweet, with the comment “the irony”  The tweet she (again, assuming this person is female, forgive me if I’m wrong, the name is usually female and the picture associated with the account is a feminine face and long hair) shared is “Neo-Nazi German politician rescued from car crash by Syrian refugees

I just can’t put into words how fucking stupid I feel this woman is.  I know I may be assuming more here than I should.  Maybe she’s really just that naive that she thinks that everyone should be able to tell a person’s political or religious views based on a mangled wreck of a vehicle around them.  How the hell is this at all ironic if religion has no baring on the discussion what so ever?  Hooray!  Refugees that aren’t completely useless.  Well, that seems a bit rude.  YAY! Syrians who helped a Neo-Nazi politician.  Again, kind of rude, and a bit twisted.  Still not ironic.  How about this: The irony!  Islamic refugees help abhorrent politician out of life threatening situation.  That’s what her retweet is saying to me.

Now, I may be pissed off, and I may be offensive to a large majority of this planet.  But one thing I am not is a nazi supporter or endorser.  Another thing I’m not, is someone who judges solely on someone’s visible characteristics that aren’t there by choice.  This means I don’t assume someone is good because they’re Christian, or bad because they’re Muslim, or money grubbing because they’re Jewish (likewise, I don’t assume the money-hungry people I meet are Jewish)  I don’t assume tattooed black men are going to rob me, nor that 300lb biker with 3′ beard is an animal.  I don’t hold it against someone that their parents are idiots.  What I do judge a person on (and fuck you if you think I shouldn’t be judging people at all) is how they act, what they disseminate and the effort they put into making life better for themselves and those around them.

The same thing can be said about anyone who brings the color of their skin into conversations about equality.  You know what?  If you’re not mature enough to associate equality with what really matters – like work ethic, morals, ability to perform, production statistics, education and seniority – then you shouldn’t be making more than anyone.  You shouldn’t be allowed to play with the adults.  You shouldn’t be allowed to discuss policy or politics.  Why? Because you’re not capable of identifying failure points or negotiating end results that are best for all involved.

So until people stop saying how fucking ironic it is that one person saved the life of another person, You (the reader) can very well assume I will continue to be pissed off.

Safe Spaces, Entitlements & The Internet

First off if you think I’m going to denounce any violence and negativity on the internet, you can alt-f4 right now.
[EDIT: I would like to say here that this article does not target groups of people for being different, or endorse hate for these groups, only that there is more than enough room for improvement from everyone, and these are the areas where improvement can be made. ~Jeremy]

I am sick and tired of hearing about safe spaces.  Get over it.  The world is inherently NOT your friend.  This is doubly true online.  Social Media / Social networking is a scam.  There is nothing social about it.  Unless that’s truly how degraded the world has become that people saying things with ambiguity and or even of no relation to any subject for which butt-hurt bubble children are offended can be taken as a threat of the end of the world.  Yeah, about that too, You might be that important to you, but until You make yourself that important to everyone else, by works and actions, You’re simply not important.  You are not the world and you never will be if you don’t get out of the cardboard box that you pretend is an ivory tower.

I don’t care what you uncle has done to you.  I don’t care what sexuality you have.  I don’t care if you feel like a woman stuck in a man’s body.  But when you shove it in my face, damn straight I’m going to fight back.  Safe spaces.  What a load of bull crap.  When I was a kid, my safe space was in my mom’s arm.  That stopped when I was about 8 years old.  Am I butt hurt about it?  No!  Why? Because that’s the natural, healthy thing for a child.  Being coddled well into adulthood is absolute nonsense and needs to stop.  You need to grow the fuck up and stop acting like a spoiled little bastard.

Queer, Fagot, Gay.  Words which had nothing, historically, to do with homosexuallity and the sexually deviant.  But now, – OH but now, this will most certainly be the first post I’ve made that will have comments on it.  Why? Because I said those three words.  Again, get over it and grow up.  Here’s some definitions for you to learn:


adjective: queer; comparative adjective: queerer; superlative adjective: queerest
  1. 1.
    strange; odd.
    “she had a queer feeling that they were being watched”
    antonyms: normal
    • Britishinformaldated
      slightly ill.


verb: queer; 3rd person present: queers; past tense: queered; past participle: queered; gerund or present participle: queering
  1. 1.
    spoil or ruin (an agreement, event, or situation).
    “Reg didn’t want someone meddling and queering the deal at the last minute”


noun: faggot; plural noun: faggots; noun: fagot; plural noun: fagots
  1. a bundle of sticks or twigs bound together as fuel.
    • a bundle of iron rods bound together for reheating, welding, and hammering into bars.


Full Definition of gay

  1. 1 a :  happily excited :  merry <in a gay mood> b :  keenly alive and exuberant :  having or inducing high spirits <a bird’s gay spring song>

  2. 2 a :  bright, lively <gay sunny meadows> b :  brilliant in color

  3. 3 :  given to social pleasures; also :  licentious

  4. 4 a :  homosexual <gay men> b :  of, relating to, or used by homosexuals <the gay rights movement> <a gay bar>


I don’t give a shit if these words offend you when I use them.  As long as I use these words in a respectful way with an intention of a proper definition and without being derogatory, then you’re being offended over nothing.  Or more so, over English Language.  Notice how there are many other definitions for each word?  Yeah, probably not because you’re lacking a proper education.  I’m sorry that you’ve been failed as a child,  but you’re an adult now and need to take responsibility for yourself.  Stop trying to dictate your lifestyle and your idiocy upon everyone else.

Now I suppose that if you, the reader are still with me,  You are either educated enough to not be offended, or you’re super pissed off right now and are thinking of ways to harm me or my reputation in a legal way, or possibly illegal way.  What ever, do what you feel like.  I’ve said my peace.

Does this mean I inherently hate the homosexual community?  NO.  It don’t.  It means I’m fucking tired of people pushing their own bullshit on me because they feel like that my sole existence is offensive to them.  And I’ve done not a damned thing to be offensive, other than be alive.  If you feel so insecure that you need to run away from me to be in a safe space, then you need to stay off the internet.

Oh, but you’re a LBGTSA what ever other letters you want to add to that, programmer and exist on the internet?  Well, This is part of the real world now. Pull up your pants (or your skirt I guess, guys), grow up and DEAL WITH IT.  You think us straight normal people don’t have shit to deal with?  We’ve got retarded assholes that can’t handle somewhat stressful situations complaining that they’re entitled to being treated better than everyone else.  And not all of them are homosexual or trans.

I have stress in my own life.  I’m working to build myself as an income generating person (i.e. Not working for anyone else, but solely for myself) And that’s fucking hard.  Am I screaming at society, saying that I’m entitled to have things because I am me?  No.  Would society laugh in my face and tell me to go away?  Most assuredly, Yes.  Why?  Because society does not intend to support me when I am a capable and able person.  That’s just the most recent stress.  How about all the unfinished things I’ve got around the house?  Family members being in hospitals, and others going through shit that would make you take a shotgun to your face – And doing with as much grace and gratitude as is possible in their positions. That wears on me – but I’m not begging society to keep me safe from the facts that death happens.  I can’t help these people, I’m not God, except in my own special little world where I wake up from every morning.

Do you know what I am entitled to?  I am entitled to being allowed to live.  I am entitled to being allowed to make my own way in this world.  I am entitled to breath the air, drink the water and shit.  That’s all.  Everything else society has come together and said, “You know, it would be nice if we had cleaner, cooler air in our homes; to have clean water delivered on call to our homes; to have waste removal and processing so we don’t live in feces”  And because of society, we have these things.

And it just occurred to me that these man-child people don’t know what society is.  It is not a thing.  It is not government.  It is not some person in office dictating errata.  No!  Society is all of us.  It is the largest group of people to exist.  We are in an age of global society.  But we still have national societies, broke up into smaller groups right down to that society called family.

Here’s another definition for you, this time specific to the definition for which I am using:
noun: society

  1. 1.
    the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community.
    “drugs, crime, and other dangers to society”
    synonyms: the community, the (general) public, the people, the population;


This is something I feel has been lost in general.

I do have to apologize for this post as I have allowed myself to be emotionally driven to write this.  As such, there may be errors in grammar and use of words I would otherwise not have used in a post on – This said, I am not going back to edit this and truly hope that those who are offended by this post may learn something from the words I have written and become less obsessed with being offended and maybe, just maybe, get pissed off enough to stop trying to hide from society and the responsibilities of being a member thereof.  Safe Space, Entitlement, The fuck is this? Nazi Germany?  Get over it. You’re not being hunted down like Jews in the holocaust and you’re not getting shit for just being.  The same as I get nothing for just being.


Bae is Bæ

So I seen this on Facebook this morning, which prompted me to write this post:
However, what many people don’t know is that Bæ is short for Bæet – Danish for feces.
And of course, most people don’t bother with the æ character any more unless in Denmark.
SO, You’re calling your girlfriend/boyfriend shit.  And you expect that relationship to be full of respect and longevity?  It’s amazing you’re even mature enough to not run away screaming “cooties!” and that you have someone who willingly admits to and does share their life with you is astonishing.  Especially when you sit there and call them bodily excrement every day.

OH Wait, I know.  You’re not calling them shit, are you?  You’re just that damned lazy that you can’t be  bothered to say all of the sounds of the word “babe” – Which, I have to say deserves a slap in the face and a kick in the ass.  Too lazy to say words properly?  Or too little respect for the other person to give them the effort of actually finishing a word?  I can completely understand this coming from the ghettos, where the average education is 5th grade, and the average IQ is still less than the average income.

And now, if you’re still reading, you’re asking yourself as to what allows me (the author) to be so judgmental.  Or maybe you’re smarter than that and are wanting to just see what else I’ve got to say.  Well, first I’ve got an education.  I’ve got a superior IQ.  Generally the only time I’m lazy with my written and verbal vocabulary variance is vexing vitiation of vestige votary vernacular.
(At this time, even I ask myself, what’s with all the V words? Because Vendetta.)

So the next time you turn to your significant other, and you start to say “babe” – don’t be retarded, do finish the word.

India and the 1930s?

Seriously, did India not exist in the 30s? Where were they when Hitler was causing havoc throughout Europe?
I just seriously don’t know.  Is “SS Youth *” not offensive to anyone other than myself?

India's SS Youthfest?
India’s SS Youthfest?

I don’t know exactly what this is.  I found it on, which appears to be either an Indian self-hating forum, or a Pakistani forum for hating on India.  Now, to be completely blunt: WHAT IN THE HALF ACRE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STYX ARE THESE PEOPLE THINKING!?  I just can’t express myself properly and keep a PG-13 rating.  And I’m not even Jewish.  I just don’t like stupid people doing stupid things, and “SS Youth Festival”… is pretty stupid.

If anyone knows more about this, as I refuse to try to navigate their website (is it hosted on a 33.6 Kbps dialup modem?) And can’t read the language.  Not a failure on my part, I’m not capable of being truly omnipotent.
Now, normally I wouldn’t make a full post out of something like this, but I am still building content for BluntAboutIt.

Setting the tone

So I have been indecisive about the first post I would write for
That was until earlier today when I found out something rather interesting.  I had to do a bit of research, and unfortunately I have only inconclusive answers due to various legal protections preventing penetration of a perpetual proof picture, plus personal principles.  What I am referring to is an act which I find amusing, but more so, see tells of deeper understandings and the twisting of the future as though it were play dough.  The, as far as I can tell legal, acquisition and implementation of Jeb Bush’s domain to redirect to – clicking either will take you to the same page, an over saturated CloudFlare proxy of Donald Trump’s website, complete with campaign propaganda.  That is if it will load properly.  Of course, this may change at any time, and though currently we’re all having a bit of a chuckle at this – at least if you’re not a Jeb Bush supporter, it may be returned to Jeb.  I speculate that Jeb had lost track of the domain, and allowed it to lapse.  Now, I may be mistaken, but from what I’ve learned is that once a domain name expires, the registrar usually holds it for a period of time after expiration where the name cannot be registered by another party.  This is to allow for the domain to be re-registered by the previous owner, for a clean-up stage where URLs, email addresses and servers may be shut down to prevent unwanted attention, and for administrative purposes.  The point is that the domain name would have not been responsive for website, redirect or email (or any other service the domain may have been used to point to) would have been inaccessible.  And not just for an hour or a day, but generally for a month or longer.

I was at one point, as being a Florida native and of impressionable age when Jeb was Governor of the state, a supporter of his.  But at this point, how could I trust this man with my Nation, my Country, my protectors in uniform if he can’t keep a domain named after himself from expiry?

What is BluntAboutIt?

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