I’ve been officially married in the eyes of God, the law, friends and family for five days now. Nothing much has changed. But that’s to be expected – because we have been married to each other for over two years in our own eyes. We made that commitment then, to each other and have lived by it since.

It’s amusing how much has not changed. And how much actually has. The things I would have bet good money on changing after our ceremony are absolutely 100% the same. I’m still a perfectionist, and she is still the perfect person for me.

We’ve spent many units of space time together, traveling through this life with each other in the last 2+ years. We’re each other’s companion, staying side by side through all that life throws at us. She is by far much more my strength than I hers. We have grown together, she has taught me patience that no one else ever has, and has taught me to be calm. Her opinion is the first to matter to me in a long time. Maybe that’s what love is about?

She now refers to me as her husband, and I refer to her as my wife. These are not possessive terms as much as they are self-proclamations of attachment. I attach myself to her when I call her “my wife” – not the other way around. For so long, the left has been shouting wrongness and irrationality at my that I didn’t realize how much they were wrong, and how calling someone “my wife” would affect me positively.

I am not her property, and she is not my property, except that we give ourselves to each other and have bound our lives together, equally and have been acting as husband and wife for 2 years – only now we are legally and socially allowed to use the titles of endearment for which roles we play. Life is good, it is simple, and it is the most complex it has ever been, it is terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time. It’s a hell of a thing, and I’m so happy to be sharing this journey with the woman who calls me husband.


Tomorrow is a new day, the end of this week, and the beginning of a couple in the eyes of the government, our families and friends.

I would say in the eyes of God, but we have made our commitment to each other long ago, and that is when, in the eyes of God, we were united as one in what we call a couple. This is when my life truly changed for the better. This is when I told myself I need to step up and be a better man, a better person. It’s been a long journey, emotional battles with myself and various events. My wonderful wife has been there for me in ways I never knew a person could. She has helped me grow and has helped me learn. Meeting her was the best thing I’ve ever done – and it all started with a plugin for a mod of a game made in 2009 by a balding Swedish independent game dev.

So, Tomorrow brings with it legalities, family jests, and hazing from friends. It brings a family together who has been separated far too long, and brings myself into a new family who I’ve already grown to love as my own. It brings the beginning of an annual celebration of our love for each other. Tomorrow is just the first of many of these celebrations, the biggest and the one we wish to share with our friends and family.

The next 4 decades are going to be a hell of a ride, and these passengers are as great accompaniment as any I could ever ask for.

More than a couple, companions through this adventure we call life.

The Second Amendment, NRA and You!

So, the left is all mad because the NRA supports our Constitutionally Guaranteed Right to keep and bear arms. Now they’re mad because a device intended for disabled peoples to more easily is being recommended for regulations by the NRA and GOP? That makes perfect sense.
But honestly, the article is riddled with emotion, bias and slander. It reads more like a deranged lunatic’s diatribe about how they can’t come to understand that they’re right and everyone else can be too.
The NRA, first off is a group of people and not a singular entity, and second not capable of independent thought; as in “The NRA thinks you’re stupid” The people in charge of the NRA are quite sane and rational, compared to many out there, and see a problem. They are trying to work with the government to best solve this issue without anyone’s rights being infringed.
So let’s clear up something. There’s no such thing as an assault rifle. However, any weapon can be used for assault. Even an artist’s paintbrush can be quickly and easily fashioned into a dart short from a crossbow to injure someone. Rocks are used as weapons all over the world. This is truth, not conjecture or emotion.
As it stands right now, the average American cannot legally posses a fully automatic firing firearm. This has been the law for many years. Those firearms which are semi-automatic, and the various single-shot firearms are still legal. Bump-stocks have skirted this law by providing an external means of accelerated discharge to semi-automatic firearms. You can read more here:
Now, the Second Amendment to The Constitution of The United States of America reads:
“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
This tells me several things:
As a method of ensuring The Constitution of The United States of America is upheld, the people are guaranteed:
The creation and proper maintenance (well regulated) of a Militia.
The right of the people to keep and bear arms.
That neither of these shall be infringed upon (by the Federal Government)
Why is Federal Government in parenthesis? Because this document had been written and given it’s mission to protect the American Citizen from The American Government. The Second Amendment is the article which allows those Citizens a last recourse against a Federal Government that is no longer keeping the value of this document of that of The American People in good light, for The American People to be able to correct that situation by force if ever needed.
Now, one might ask “For whom would this fight and force be against?” The US Military for one. Mis-guided federal, state and local law enforcement. Private security hired by The President of The United States of America. Many other unknown groups and factions within, and with-out our borders as well.
Are we, The American People supposed to be able to fend off those aggressors of Liberty, Freedom and Justice with .22 single-shot rifles and shotguns with bird-shot when they will have machine guns, rapid fire weapons, large calibre firearms, tanks, choppers, rockets and the like? No. And THAT is what the NRA is protecting. They are not protecting some irrational, insane, psychotic, neurotic or otherwise under-educated criminal with a grudge against humanity with a device intended for the disabled.
As we all should know, criminals (you, the reader, do know what a criminal is, I hope) are quite adept at not following laws, policies, regulations, etc. Arms in the hands of law abiding American Citizens would make this country safer for all, but legislating that creates a situation where only criminals and elite groups have these privileges.
So please, before saying “The NRA thinks you’re stupid” – maybe do some real research on the subject.

People and Corrupt Beings

When someone has lied to themselves and been lied to so often and so much, and has started to believe those lies as truth, those lies become their truth, which blurs reality, making distinction between two subtle, and sometimes not so subtle differences indistinguishable from the lie itself.
Guilt among those who scream that immigrants mustn’t be deported, even though no one other than the left and the media has said they would be deported, is a major cause of their blind ignorance, and a basis for the lies they’re being fed.
There are people on this planet who’s sole purpose is to be as disruptive and malicious to society as a whole, that if these people were to all be silenced at once, and prevented from causing the trouble they do not know they are causing, the sheer amount of peace and understanding in the world would be overwhelming. These people may not realize, know or understand they are being this way. In their world, the things they do which are totally destructive to society and those around them, is, in all essential aspects of their life, mind and soul is what they are supposed to do to be a good person. They are “wired” wrong. They are corrupted to a point where there is no hope they can ever be responsible, productive members of any society. No matter what they do, make, or otherwise create – it will have at it’s core the destruction of the thing they are, on the surface, appearing to help, befriend, or otherwise do good for.
George Soros is one of these people. One of the most corrupt and evil men on this planet – and yet, if you were to take a shot-glass peek at the things he’s done for this planet, one would believe he is a selfless custodian of this planet. But he’s not. Every ounce of energy he exerts is, regardless of surface appearances, intended to corrupt, dilute, and destroy this planet. He is nothing more than a merchant of chaos and being incapable of truly helping anyone or anything.
The world is full of these people. They are incapable of anything but hatred, lies, and dealing with things that destroy rather than create. These people have as their fundamental goal of existence to do as much harm as they possibly can. The truly sad part is that they honestly believe they are doing good. They honestly believe their cause is the best thing for their group, their civilization and society, their country. And they’re just plain wrong.
They will take any input given to them, and twist it around, corrupt it, fill it with lies and deceit, and spew it back as if it were verbatim to what others have said. They will accuse any person who argues this, or attempts to point out the faults or attempts to correct them as any negative entity which they feel applies.
In this case, these suppresive people, these merchants of chaos, these corrupt souls, they will accuse the rest of the world of being racist, xenophobic, religion-phobic, race-supremacist, etc, without any factual proof or evidence to support their claims, regardless of the proof or evidence which is contrary to their libel and slander. These people are worse than any religious zealot, any radical or extremest. Why? Because they honestly do not know what they are doing is wrong, and have no guidance where as zealots, extremists and radicals are doing what they do because of their beliefs which they knowingly understand and accept.
Yes, I’m saying that an Islamic terrorist is a better being than these people. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, nationalities, and political affiliations. And who knows, maybe I’ve got it all wrong and those people who have diametrically opinions and views to me are right and are doing the best for the planet and I’m the one whom is described above. I highly doubt that though.
So yeah, when You tell someone “Illegal Alien” and they reply “immigrant” – You can be assure you’re either talking to a dumb-ass, or someone as I described above. Either way, I hope life is just that much better for you!

Black Rifle Coffee

I’ve been drinking coffee instead of soda for a little more than a month. I’ve been using milk/half&half/cream and splenda/stevia/equal in my coffee. I’ve gotten to where I don’t need the dairy any more, and use less sweetener now, only enough to take away the bitter taste from the coffee.
I found out about Black Rifle Coffee Company a week or so ago. I found out they’re Vet owned and more so the owner has a plan to hire 10k more Vets. I don’t like donating to charities, where only a fraction of donations go to the cause. That’s why when I found out BRCC is Vet owned, I wanted to buy some of their coffee, so I can help contribute to a betterment for US Vets, directly.
And you know what – it’s the best damned coffee I’ve had. No dairy, no sweeteners. Just black coffee. It don’t taste burned, it’s not bitter, and in fact actually has a hint of sweetness. We (The girlfriend and I) bought a bag of V-Tac Berzerker
Now, I’m no coffee connoisseur, but I’ve had a good variety over the last month alone, and have been drinking coffee on and off for 15 years or so. We bought a bag of whole bean, and I, having never ground coffee before, ended up grinding it super fine. Apparently, this is an espresso ground what I did. And just amazing. This is still, by far, the best coffee I’ve made or drank.
And no, I’ve not been asked to, offered anything to, or am paid to write this review. I’m just seriously pleased with what these people are doing with their company and with their product.
I’ve been drinking Cafe` Du Monde (CDM) coffee with chicory, with a slight bit of stevia to soften the bitter. WaWa has moved into town here, and I’ve been drinking their Vienna and Cuban coffee too. This, coupled with Walmart not carrying CDM, we chose a canister of Cafe Bustelo coffee. It’s close to WaWa’s Cuban coffee, and is also finely ground (which is something I didn’t realize until after I “goofed” with the v-tac) Though it’s a good coffee, it’s nothing compared to BRCC’s V-tac. Folgers and Maxwell House are absolute crap to me now, and would only drink these in lack of other options.
I’ll be ordering more from BRCC later, for special occasions and as a “treat” drink. The CDM lasts me about a week per brick, while the V-Tac could last me maybe 10 days, as I brew it less strong than the CDM. Buying bags of beans for every day drinking would be OK, but I don’t want to get completely spoiled and not be able to drink any other coffee. However, At $13 a bag, it’s a bit more expensive than the $4.50/brick I’m paying for CDM, so almost literally 3 times the price. BRCC may be more expensive than the cheap stuff I drink, but the quality is infintely greater, and the price is comparable to other 12oz bags of beans from other companies that don’t provide the same quality (Starbucks, etc)

Anyways, if you want a damned fine cup of coffee – head over to Black Rifle Coffee Co. and pick a roast that sounds good to you. I’m certain you won’t be disappointed. If you want to be spoiled and unable to drink diner coffee any more, buy enough to make BRCC your main drink at home, and nothing else will ever do.

Black Rifle Coffee V-Tac Berzerker
Copyright Black Rifle Coffee Co (I think, used without permission. Get over it, or ask me nicely to remove and I will)


As a society inundated by international trade, consumerism and online shopping, we require the services of transport and delivery agencies.  We expect in return for our patronage, a qualified individual which will promptly, safely and unabashedly handle, transport and deliver our items, goods and packages.  However, in the era when burger flippers want $15 an hour, these people saddled with the responsibility of potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars of merchandise refuse to be so gentle and humble.  It seems there is a continuing downward trend of work ethics in many industries in the United States.  Between liberals wanting an unqualified exchange for services, Immigrants/migrants taking jobs Americans could otherwise have, and outsourcing of jobs to other countries, it’s no wonder work ethics are on a drastic decline. That, I feel is why this happened to me today.

Now, I’ve taken the time to write this up – this is partly due to my complete and unsatisfied annoyance at this FedEx driver.  However, I couldn’t concentrate on my work if I tried to.  I’m left with feelings of confusion, anger, betrayal and cannot focus on anything but these events.  Thankfully  there was no visible damage to the packaging, however, I have yet to fully inspect the product and am unsure if it is broken.

The events occurred about 10 O’clock am, 30 November 2016 in Florida.

I’m sitting at my desk, next to a front-facing window where I can hear the door bell and see the road/driveway.  I hear my doorbell ring, and look out the window to see a FedEx van. As I go down the stairs to retrieve my package, I see nothing sitting on the front patio through the front door windows. Thinking maybe it’s not the package I was expect but something much smaller, I opened the door and looked around – nothing.  So I look at the FedEx truck, and see the driver removing a hand truck.  At this point, new package excitement is gently jogging through my veins.  (You know the feeling, it’s almost like Christmas morning as a child, but you already know what you’re getting)

I asked the man “Hey, what’s up?” being my southern polite self.  He responded with “I’ve got a big package for you, might want to go through the garage, yeah?” This found me at odds.  Why does a delivery driver care how I move my package from outside to inside? Why would the garage help at all, it has the same size door into the house as the front door? Does this guy want to scope out my garage!? It’s none of his business what’s in my garage.  So I tell him, no and that it’s going to the front door.  He insisted again I open the garage.  At this point I tell him unconditionally “You asked me a question, I answered it. It’s not going in the garage, it’s going to the front door.” Still trying to remain polite, but firm in my response.  I know it’s quite possible he didn’t understand me previously and wanted to make sure he understand what I was saying.

At this point, I’m beginning to get annoyed however.  I shouldn’t be out in my driveway discussing where my package is to be delivered.  There are no instructions and the defacto default of “Front door area” should be his main concern.  I should not have had to request this, nor require it from him.  I was not asking for anything out of the unusual, or anything potentially dangerous, illegal, illicit or otherwise wrong.  However, I’m willing to brush it off as maybe I’m misunderstanding him.  Well, his next words made it very clear to me that he should not be working the job he’s working.  Maybe he’s normally a really nice, well meaning and centered and balanced person.  Today, however he was not.

As I stood in my driveway, considering the ethics of this man, pondering his fascination with my garage and why he wouldn’t have chosen to simply drop off my package as any other normal package, I watched.  Indeed, I watched this man, who for no other reason than not getting his way, began to through a tantrum in front of me.  I watched him throw one small package (literally, throw, though possibly more of a toss) back into the truck, and then forcefully shove another, larger package (Quite possibly someone’s new LCD TV, I didn’t get a chance to read the box clearly, however the image appeared to be of a TV) off the top of what I quickly realized what the package being delivered to me.  He did this with such force the package audibly bounced off of something towards the front of the van (I could not see what it hit) and cause what sounded like several other packages to fall off stacks and racks.

When I was done being shocked by this man’s behavior with other people’s property, which they presumably worked for the money in which they paid for these items, he spoke again.  And his words damn near floored me.

“Are you going to give me a hand with this?” – as if I was in any way expected to help this man perform the normal duties of his position as a FedEx delivery driver.  At this point, I lost it. I completely and utterly lost it. However with the help of my girlfriend over the last year, I have been learning to better control my actions, words and thoughts towards situations which otherwise boil my blood.  So, I found “it” again.  At least for one sentence.  So I calmly, yet very firmly, and with a hint of agitation told him “No, I will not. That is your job.” And began to walk inside.  His response was then “Yeah, ok, but I’m not responsible for this!” – and this is where the only way I would not have lost my composure was if God himself would have come down out of the heavens and slapped this man silly.  Perhaps I was a bit liberal with my vocabulary, perhaps I was a bit rude, perhaps this person needed a blunt and crass response from a customer to wake him up.  Regardless, what I said was said, and was said out of anger and dissatisfaction with this man’s service.  Maybe it isn’t as dramatic as that.  My reply, and I honestly feel like I still did a good job controlling myself.  Had I been from California, I may have opted to take a squat and sling fecal matter at this man. Instead I yelled at him these words “Yes, you fucking are, it’s your fucking job!” I proceeded to enter my house, and lock the door and yell profanities because I didn’t want to end up with the Sheriff’s office visiting me.

As I walk up the stairs in the foyer, and watch as he begins to throw my package around into my bushes, on the concrete pad and otherwise be as abusive as he can be, I feel the urge to yell at him more, however I don’t.  Rather than continue to cause issue, I stand in the stair well, waiting for him to walk back to his van, so I can go outside to retrieve my package.  As I open the door, he looks around the back of the van at me and calls me an asshole.  After moving my package into the house, I turn around flick him off and close my door, locking it.

Was my actions completely social? No. Should I have perhaps behaved more socially? That’s what is generally agreed upon.  However, this man should not have called me out, should not have put me in that position, and should not have his job any longer.  Unfortunately I do not have this man’s name, nor vehicle number.  However, Enrique over at @FedExHelp on Twitter, did ask me for more information.  I have supplied this and yet have no answer as to what they will be doing.  Below is a screenshot of the request I received from @FedExHelp.  My hopes began to brighten when I seen these requests, however after almost half an hour without a response to the information I provided, I feel the reach-out was more of a reach-around and “good will gesture” with an end result of no one doing anything about this situation, or this employee.
I do hope FedEx can make this right. I also hope my plants were not irrevocably harmed, my item not damaged internally, or for the sake of others that the packages which were abused by this man were also delivered unbroken.

FedEx has escalated to station management, who will be calling me in a couple of hours.
Thank You Enrique!

(I will continue to update as pertinent)

What the Future Brings…

I don’t even know where to begin, other than with: Trump!

I know a lot of you reading this don’t like Trump, didn’t vote Trump and want to hate on Trump – but really, there’s no reason to. You are in as much control of your life as you have always been, and will continue to be. There’s no reason to fear the coming transfiguration of America in many aspects. These will all be for the better, or at the least be reconciled when Trump leaves office in 8 years. We will raise above the oppressions of minority groups beating down the average American. We will regain a semblance of civility in our schools, workplaces and streets. The society of America is about to bloom and set forth something great that will last for generations! Is Trump going to do all of this? No! The American People are! Trump is a totem for all Americans to get behind and scream for the common beliefs we all want and need. He is our guiding light in times of trouble – not just for those who follow, but for ALL Americans!
Trump may be President, but socially, he is much more. Like him, hate him, he is still the figure head to rile up ourselves to push for the better tomorrow for us All.
We would never get this without violence with Hillary Clinton. The American People would most definitely speak, however the noise would be echoed through the streets by rifle barrels, not bullhorns.
Trump is the person we need right now. He, for everything standing for him, and for which he stands, may not be the most savory, or the most wanted – but it is just the right amount to push everyone to wanting something better in life for all of us. We will have many working with him to fix this country in ways the politicians and big industry never wanted. We will have working outside of his White House, those who want social, economic and political reforms for the better.
It is this time that we will stare deep into our souls and ask what we really want, and hopefully to ask what is best for our Nation. Trump is going to be our leader, but it is us, the American People, who will stand up, rise above the negativity, the hate, and Shine Bright and show the world WE WILL BE THE BEST DAMNED NATION ON THIS PLANET ONCE AGAIN!

Amendment 1 rebuttal to the LoWV-PC

This is in response to a Letter in Lakeland, Fl’s The Ledger newspaper;

Let’s give the solar industry a fair shake in the Florida’s energy marketplace. On Nov. 8, vote no on Amendment 1.

Amendment 1 is supported by large utility companies who rely on fossil fuels for generating energy. Solar energy is becoming more competitive and will be a valid alternative in just a few years. It is good for the consumer and the environment.

Utility companies are threatened by solar energy because they know that solar is cheaper and is an unlimited source of energy. They also know that it is the wave of the future. Any consumer can produce their own energy.

For more information on Amendment 1, read former Republican state senator from Lakeland and State League of Women Voters member, Paula Dockery’s Sept. 25 syndicated column, “Don’t fall for utility-backed Amendment 1.”

The utilities proposed language in the amendment to make it appear that it protects consumers, when in fact it protects the power company’s monopoly. Voting for Amendment 1 will give away an important right we as consumers have to generate our own power. Remember, Floridians are already entitled to solar generation, and the solar industry already has all the same protections every other home installation products do.

Representatives from Florida’s political parties are united in opposition to Amendment 1 along with the Christian Coalition, League of Women Voters and the Sierra Club.

Don’t let the powerful few ignore the choice of the many. Exercise your democratic right: vote no on Amendment 1.

Salma Nawlo
Trudy Corry Rankin

Polk County League of Women Voters

This honestly sounds like an argument where you don’t want it because it would remove the potential of a socialistic subsidy mechanism.  If I don’t own or lease solar equipment, why should I be required to help pay for yours?  You have provided nothing more than “Big Electric is bad, don’t vote on 1” – well, how exactly is Big Electric bad?  Because they’ve increased the cost per-watt?  That’s supply and demand my dears.  That’s Capitalism at it’s finest.  We demand more electrical power, more continual up time, more stable power – and yet we expect this all to be for pennies per watt?  That is socialism, and a poor example for all.

Amendment 1 will lead to companies like TECO, FPL and Lakeland Electric to provide leased equipment to Florida residential properties to supplement their electrical production.  Do you know what that means?  That means those fossil-fuel eating machines, otherwise known as Power Plants, will be using less fuel as the distributed network of solar panels which will produce not just power for the houses they are attached to, but will feed excess back into the grid.  So how is this bad again?  Do you believe that for some reason TECO or FPL or Lakeland Electric will suddenly have that much more control over your pitiful existence? I say pitiful because your life is nothing but the blink in a century.  However, your children’s children, and their children will remain long after you and I are nothing but dust and worm food.  Don’t you at least consider the possibility that making it easier for our society to move away from fossil fuels – EVEN AT THE HANDS OF THE BIG BAD ELECTRIC COMPANIES, is a good thing for our future generation?

Of course you don’t.  Why? Because you’re stuck in your ways; you want to blame companies for your own person choices – yeah, you know, running the AC in the middle of January instead of opening the windows?  You want to blame someone else, and you want to hoot and holler about how the companies that have helped in one of the most fundamental ways the technological advancements of this planet so that when things go wrong, which is always likely, you can sit back and with a smug grin on your face say “I told you so”

Well, here’s the thing.  Without this amendment, we can sit back and wait for solar power to maybe one day catch on.  And we’ll sit there and hope that our bills don’t get jacked up because three people in the neighborhood have purchased new solar panels.  Perhaps we’ll even be lucky and won’t have to pay for our neighbor’s choices.  But it’s a possibility, and one I don’t much appreciate.  We don’t have the choice to abstain from paying, by way of fees and bill increases, for what others produce, and with Amendment 1, we will be protected from that.

However, you’re too short sighted, and I don’t blame you, to see the long haul plan, the big picture.  Amendment 1 will protect the utilities as well, and this is OK – because once they’re more protected, they’re more likely to offer solar panel leasing to commercial & residential buildings where we will not only benefit from solar power in our own businesses and homes, but also contribute to the national grid (Yes, even 1 extra watt per household in Florida will help bring down costs all across the nation – that’s one of the wonderful things about our national grid) This is Economics 100.

Perhaps before you start shouting buzzwords and propagating hate for the companies that keeps your Starbucks iced mocha cold, and your showers hot, you should do some real research and perhaps actually educate yourself regarding these things.  The real key to voting wisely is to be educated on not just the bill, but the subject for which the bill is proposing a change.  In this case; Electrical production, Utilities laws, Solar technology and legislation, and basic economics.

If after doing real research and considering the real implications (not just the short term, but long into the future as well) – if you still want to vote “No” on Amendment 1, that is your right and I applaud you for exercising that right as you see fit!  But please do so responsibly.

I have researched these subjects, and the literature of Amendment 1 to the best of my ability, however, it is still possible I missed, or misunderstood something.  I do not encourage anyone to use my word as doctrine regarding decisions that must be made by each of us.

The Last POTUS

I’ve determined that it does not matter at all which person is elected into office of the President of the United States of America. Our society has declined to a point where there is no longer any recourse for our actions and that there is only two possible routes out: Total annihilation of our current working government and a rebuild based on original concepts; or the continued dwindling downturn of our government and society to a point in which we are living in a society that is more reminiscent of 1984 rather than 2001: A Space Odyssey. And with this, we are left with three choices: Prolong our current suffering for at least 4 more years, cement our dwindling decline, or plant our flag firmly in the ground and stand tall as we demolish the corruption and build anew.
I don’t know about you, but all three of those choices scare the ever loving fuck out of me. And what’s worse is, we have no idea which player is the catalyst for which events.
There is another way, but it is long and difficult. And that is to provide a recourse for our society to emerge victorious over itself and to become a better people than we have been. There will be those who fight us, those who insist that their way is right and our way is wrong. But those people will do everything in their power to prevent progress towards a more survivable state whilst doing nothing of their own to further a better situation for this country. Even those who’s actions seem to be causing distress, if their end goal is the betterment of our society, they are not working against us. It is those whom have actions completely detrimental to the actions needed for a successful transition back to the positive. This may take years, decades even – but I fear if it takes too long, the efforts would be in vein.
There isn’t a single candidate I honestly feel represents the whole of our country. And the day we have such a candidate, is the day we should shoot the man. The United States is a country that is not one people, but many people, who have come together to represent this nation as one people. There is no single person however that can say they represent every one of us. We do not need, nor would we ever want that. Germany had that once, and they are still suffering from that mistake, as are large numbers of others. Representation is not what the Presidency is about – Leadership and decision making is.
We, The People, cannot self govern. There are too many of us, too many groups and sub groups and cliques and niches that we require a funneling structure of responsibility who can make the best decisions for the entire Nation, whilst not hindering or hampering efforts of progress for any smaller group within. This is why we have government. Until the day our society is above all material objects and possessions, until we are beyond running our lives emotionally, and until we no longer hold on to this physical world – we will require a group of responsible people to help guide and steer this unwieldy bus we call America.
Hang on guys and gals, I don’t know who our driver will be, but I assure you the road ahead is full of pot-holes, wash-outs and patches. We’re in for one hell of a wild ride!

Lesser of two evils

I know several people who will be voting for alternatives, rather than for Democrat or Republican. That’s OK. But honestly, This is still a two party system, and I’ll be damned if I allow my vote to allow that cunt be our first female President. There’s plenty of women I would be OK with as our first female President. Even some I would vote for. There’s too many libtard cock-strong democrats to use this election cycle to make a point about not liking either candidate.

Perhaps if enough people had chosen not to vote for the third guy and instead would have voted for McCain in 08 or Romney in ’12 – we wouldn’t have Obama ruining this nation. I know Trump seems like a horrible candidate – and he is. But he’s also the better of the two, and realistically there is only two candidates. So voting for the third guy may be a great way to boycott the elections without saying you didn’t vote. But where will that honestly lead us? To a large portion of the nation saying “Don’t blame me, I voted for the third guy!”

What are the negatives of Trump?
He’s going to ruin a large portion of foreign diplomacy. Ok, who cares? I would rather have allies on the edge who are worth being friendly to than allies who are going to infiltrate our country and rot us out from the inside.

He’s going to build a wall. Ok, well, here’s something you probably don’t know – the fucking thing was approved long ago. he’s only going to ensure there is funding for it. Don’t hate him for something that has already been approved.

He’s going to cause racial tensions in this country to rise. This is another one I hear a lot of. Maybe this is so – but only because of the BLM [redacted] who demand to be gods, and the cockroaches that swam across the river illegally will make a lot of noise. Those socially respectable black Americans and legal immigrants are voting for Trump. Hell, even a large portion of educated and affluent Latinos.

He’s going to set women’s suffrage back. Maybe so – but honestly, that’s a whole group of people who have gone and done too damned much. Equality? Bullshit. Those whores don’t want equality, they want to be superior. Most educated, respectable, working women who have more than a gram of brain cells know better than to think this is true. You should too.

You know what, I could go on about this – but every fucking thing he can possibly do wrong, has already been getting done wrong. Furthermore, anything he breaks, we’ll be able to fix in 8 years when his successor takes office.

The thing is, Trump will fix our economy. Maybe not right away, but he’s going to get shit done.

“we need more jobs” – no, we need less illegals taking our jobs. We need to be able to say “Oh, you’re not allowed to work in the US? Let me give a call to Immigration, to get things straightened out”
“we need more equality” – no, you need equality. Being superior is not equality. If you want true equality, you’ll shut up and take responsibility for yourself, your actions and you life and stop blaming the rest of the country for your miserable conditions. This applies to racial, religious and gender groups. Oh, and to economic groups as well.

How about increasing the value of the dollar, not increasing the dollar given per hour of shit work. McDonalds has it right – they’re moving away from human employees all together. The technology is there where a single McDonalds “manager” can maintain and operate a store single handed. From automated fryers and grills to automated cashiers. Why? Because it’s more profitable to retrofit even the oldest of stores than to pay a ridiculously high minimum wage. Even WalMart could automate a large portion of their stores. Cut the floor staff in half.

Yeah, I have two McDonalds, two Burger Kings, a Wendy’s an Arby’s, a Taco Bell, all within 5-15 minute drive from my house – Every one of them, other than the Taco Bell is staffed with arrogant asswipes that feel like they’re not getting paid enough to deal with my order. And honestly, the kids at Taco Bell probably feel the same way – but they’re too damned high and thus paranoid to show it. They still screw up my orders, but at least they’re nice and courteous.

Is this the direction we want this country go? Where employees get accolades because they’re too high and paranoid to screw up? Where a female high school senior makes $12 an hour because minimum wage is $10 and oh, because they’re female, lesbian and transsexual, they are awarded an extra $2/hr for their inequality in life?

I can’t honestly stand the state of this nation. WE THE PEOPLE have allowed this person in the Oval Office to completely destroy who we were. And now, because some of these people are growing conscience regarding not voting for the two party candidates out of some kind of self inflated sense of patriotism that will inevitably lead to the complete and utter destruction of our nation on a society level – it seems like an endless cycle of autosadomasochism. We are now at the point of eating ourselves alive, regurgitating the chewed up flesh of what was once these Great United States just in order to get the taste of garbage out of our mouths.

I won’t tell anyone how to vote. But damn it don’t you fucking dare say “oh, don’t blame me!” or “It’s not my fault!” when this country goes completely to hell because You allowed your votes to become inconsequential by throwing them away on someone who no one has ever heard of, and has no chance of gaining any kind of lead in any polls other than against all the third party candidates. If Clinton wins this election, I hope you have enough shame to not say a single word about what happens.

Am I pissed off? Damn straight I am. We have a chance here to fix this country, to fix our economics, our politics and on many levels, our society – and a good majority of this nation is saying they’re not going to vote for Trump. The way I see it – if you’re not voting for Trump, you’re allowing Clinton to win. And if you’re allowing Clinton to win, you can bet I’m not going to be pleased.